Vashon Town 1933 Fire




“The sound of cement mixers can be heard in both directions as concrete is being poured for the foundations of both England & Peterson and Met-Cro garage”. Vashon Island News Record, May 4, 1933.

England & Peterson building

England & Peterson started rebuilding efforts while the building still smoldered. The new construction was of stucco built on four foot concrete foundations. One building 30 x 125 feet was for lumber and fuel storage, another building  50 x 120 feet, was for offices feed and egg department. The two buildings were on the north and south ends of the property with a driveway and loading dock in the middle.

Below, rebuilt England Peterson building, current location of the parking area south of Vashon Pharmacy. The new building. 1938 King County Tax Id photo.


Met-Cro Garage

The Met-Cro Garage moved to a piece of property they purchased from Willis Blekkink between Bacchus Lumber and the Weiss Store. As the Vashon Island News Record reported, “On the front of the 100 x 120 foot lot will be a super service station. This will consist of a storeroom equipped with a full line of tires, batteries, parts and accessories and a large arcade over the gas pumps. Across the rear will be built the shop with all the latest type of equipment”.

Below, the new Met Cro Garage was north of Bank Road set back and facing Vashon Hwy Sw  about where Vashon Ace Hardware is now. Undated photo, Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Association.


Beall Hansen building

The new Beall Hansen building was completed in June, 1933 instead of the three store fronts of the old building, the new building had two, allowing the Daily Needs Market to expand to nearly twice the size it had been before the fire. New coolers were installed for meats and produce. An ice maker capable of making 1500 pounds a day was added. The Sweet Shop returned to the building. The Vashon Island News Record reported that, “The new store, when completely equipped will be modern in every necessary detail”.

The rebuilt Beall Hansen building, current location of Vashon Pharmacy. 1944 King County Tax Id photo.


Stevenson Service Station

In 1934 Fred Stevenson built a service station on the property of the old Met Cro Garage. On the far right of the below photo is a remanent of the south wall of the old Met Cro garage. The wall in the background is the south wall of the Tavern ( current wall between red Bicycle bar area and restaurant/ dance floor area). The vacant lot between Stevenson’s station and the Tavern wall is where the Martin Block building stood before the fire. 1938 King County Tax Id photo.


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