Photos of Vashon from the Washington State Historical Society Collection

I spent this wet lazy morning doing a search of Vashon in the Washington State Historical Society Collection, here is what I found.

View of the buildings of Vashon College at Burton, WA, Vashon Island. ca. 1910
Black and white photographic postcard taken in Tacoma, WA circa 1907.  The image shows the front and side view of the steamship Vashon on the water.  The decks of the steamer are filled with men and women passengers.  The Vashon was built in 1905 in Dockton, King County, WA by the Martinolich Shipbuilding Company and ran the Tacoma- Vashon route until she burned on November 28, 1911 in Anacortes, Skagit County, WA. Visible to the right behind the steamer is  the warehouse of John B. Steven & Co. Robin Paterson Collection.

Scene on Vashon Island of a horse team with a man seated on the wagon carriage behind.  Frame houses are in the background. On the back of one horse’s neck is a leather piece with “H. Steen Mill Co.”

Black and white photographic postcard of Magnolia Beach on Vashon Island in King County, WA in 1911.  Several houses sit among the trees close to the shoreline.  A path leads from the first house to the beach.  Robin Paterson Collection.

Black and white photographic postcard taken ca. 1950.  Image shows the ferry Illahee on the route from Tacoma, WA to Vashon Island.  Ferry dock is partially visible on the left.  The Illahee was bult in Oakland, CA in 1927 and originally named the Lake Tahoe.  She was bought by the Puget Sound Navigation Company in 1940 and ran several routes on the Puget Sound until being retired in 2007. Robin Paterson Collection

Round stencil made of thin sheet of copper sheet metal.  Hanging extension on upper side.  Stencil is stencil for Island Brand strawberries from Vashon Island Packing Co. Originally named the Mukai Cold Process Fruit Barrelling Plant.  It was renamed the Vashon Island Packing Company or VIPCO in 1938.  Begun by Denichiro Mukai and run by the family.  It includes 4.8 acres including a garden.

Aerial photograph of Maury Island, with Puget Sound surrounding it. A very small portion of Vashon Island is visible on left edge, and also the connecting point between the islands.

Black and white, close glass plate negative image of the head and shoulders of Lucy Slagham (Gerand) (1843-1929), Puget Sound Salish (Sqababsh), Maury Island, taken at Quartermaster Harbor, Vashon Island, King County, March 24, 1926.  She is wearing a blanket or shawl pinned on her shoulders.  She attended the signing of the Medicine Creek Treaty in December 1854.

Black and white panoramic view of strawberry fields at the Mukai Farm and Garden on Vashon Island, King County, WA, ca. 1927.  The photo shows strawberry fields on the left and center. There is a covered area in the right foreground with barrels on a platform.  An automobile and a pickup truck are near the barrels.  Several men can be seen in the area.  In the distance on the right is a complex of tents, a barn, a water tower and several more pickup trucks.

Black and white photographic postcard showing a front and partial side view of the steamer Magnolia at an unidentified location on Puget Sound around 1912.  The Magnolia was built in Tacoma in 1907 and originally ran the Tacoma- Vashon route and later the Seattle-Olympia route.  In this image several men are visible on the upper deck of the steamship.  Black lettering on the hull reads: M.T. Co.; Magnolia.  Land is visible in the distance.  There is a building on the far left with a small pier and an American flag. Robin Paterson Collection.

Black and white photographic postcard of Lisabeula, Vashon Island, King County, WA circa 1908.  Four buildings are visible along the shore.  The second building on the left is perhaps the post office and general store.  A house and outbuilding is visible on the hill behind the two buildings on the right. There is a dock attached to the first building on the right.  A small boat is moored to the dock.  A group of people are standing on the dock near the house.  There is dirt road leading uphill on the far right.  Robin Paterson Collection

Black and white photographic postcard of the S.S. Verona along the Thea Foss Waterway in Tacoma, WA.  To the left is a building belonging to the International Fisheries Company and to the right is Walstad Machinery Shop.  Several men and women can be seen aboard the Verona either standing on one of the decks or looking out of windows.  The S.S. Verona was built in 1910 at Dockton by Martinolich Brothers for the Wiman and Manso Vashon Navigation Company. She later ran on the Tacoma to Quartermaster Harbor route. On November 5, 1916, some 300 IWW members in Seattle boarded two steamers, SS Verona and SS Calista, to take part in a planned public demonstration in Everett. The Snohomish County sheriff and 200 citizen deputies refused to let the Wobblies disembark from the Verona at Everett’s City Dock. It was never determined who fired the first shot, but a great deal of gunfire followed, leaving 2 deputies and as many as 12 Wobblies dead and many others wounded.   Dismantled at Poulsbo in 1940.  Robin Paterson Collection.

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