Island Youth Center 1955

“Boy Scout log cabin” at Ober parkIn May of 1927, the Boy Scouts completed work on a new headquarters on the property next to the Community House (present-day Ober Park property). Ray Campbell recalled, “they had the early Island Fairs there, they had two sheds with open slat roofs for the livestock exhibits, one is the present Scout Cabin.”50 The cabin was used by the Boy Scouts and other groups until it was demolished in the late 1960s. Larry Trotter gave a description of the Boy Scout Cabin as it was in the 1950s, The inside was good for a large scout troop with a wide open main floor, with a large stone, almost walk-in fireplace on the south end. On the north end there were some small spaces for storing stuff and a small kitchen area. It was like a lodge. Boy Scouts would assemble in formation on the main floor facing the fireplace.
A youth center building (present day Vashon park District building), was built on the Island Club property in 1955. Inez Hedman General Chairman of the Vashon-Maury Youth Activities stated, “the interest and participation of our Island youth have filled the Scout Cabin to such an extent that the variety and extent of activities are seriously handicapped. The new building will particularly adapted to our needs, will permit a greatly expanded program to serve all groups.”79 The Kiwanis Club raised the money and built the building with volunteer labor from the community. Boy Scout Cabin on right.


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