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Vashon News from Seattle & Tacoma Newspapers 1874-1889

The Weekly Pacific Tribune reported in 1874:

“Quartermaster Harbor has become a place of considerable activity, as fishermen, farmers, loggers and brick makers work on its shores. The forty three foot steamer LIVLEY has been  put on a daily run carrying passengers from Tacoma, and returning with fish.”

A later report states the run could not sustain itself and lasted for only a short time.





The Tacoma Daily Ledger wrote an article in 1883 advocating for a steamship company to be headquartered at New Tacoma mentioning the lack of docks on Vashon Island:

Complaints have reached the ‘NEWS’ of alleged exorbitant rates for passage and
freight between this city and Vashon Island. Last year there was no regular means of communication with this island. Now steamers are there occasionally, but are obliged to land a limited number of passengers and light freights on a float, or else run the bow of the boats into a beach, at considerable risk and delay, on account of the lack of wharfage. It would be a good idea if the Vashon people would get together and build a wharf at a convenient point and make it an inviting place for steamers to call.



Tacoma Daily Ledger July 24, 1883











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